Topics Covered

Topics Covered

Cell and Gene Therapy: From Plate to Patient

The Scientist Expo 2018 will dive deep into the rapidly evolving techniques and technologies that fuel research into Cell and Gene Therapies. The meeting will provide a unique forum for leaders in these fields to share their recent innovations, best practices, and hottest tips. Topics covered will include techniques for cell and tissue characterization and culture, genome editing, vector design, and more.

This year’s event will offer three tracks that focus on specific techniques in Cell and Gene Therapy. Educational sessions under each track will be segmented by all stages of research that will offer inspiring, insightful and refreshing techniques in all career stages.

  • TRACK 1:

    Basic Science

    • Cell & Tissue Characterization
    • Protein Analysis
    • Nucleic Acid Analysis
    • Transfection/Transduction



  • TRACK 2:


    • Genome Editing
    • iPSC Culture
    • 3-D/Organoid Culture
    • Imaging
    • Bioinformatics



  • TRACK 3:

    Development & Production

    • Cell-Line Development
    • Protein Expression & Purification
    • Product Purity & Stability
    • Pharmacology
    • CAR-T Therapy